Recycling Business of the Year 

We caught up with the Recycling Business of the Year winner, and Organics Recycling Business winner of 2021, Severn Trent Green Power, to see what they have been up to since their win!​

What’s new with Severn Trent Green Power?
We’ve been super busy on a number of fronts with a lot of focus on setting ourselves up for the future, especially meeting the requirements of the Environment Act when they become clearer. Internally some new apprentices have joined the business and more are coming this year. We’ve also been able to get out and about more with our CSR activities now that society is opening up again. We’ve also built a new website for Green Power. And we’ve had lots of new interest in our fabulous compost and digestate products.

A year on from winning both the Organics and Recycling business of the year categories, how has the business grown and developed since?
We’ve welcomed some great new commercial food waste customers into our portfolio as well as securing a new food waste contract with Coventry City Council. Our customer satisfaction scores have been amazing too. Our NPS rating is averaging over 80 which makes us one of the best in the industry. And we’re making good progress with our carbon reporting for customers.

With Covid restrictions now easing, how has the recovery been for you? How has the company adapted, and do you think there will be any permanent changes for the business?

Even during Covid we had high levels of facility utilisation. Since the middle of last year we’ve seen food waste volumes increasing into our AD facilities which is encouraging and more companies switching to AD to gain both associated environmental and financial benefits. This bodes well for the future.

How will mandatory council food and garden waste collections impact the company?
We look forward to the mandatory collections of Local Authority food waste, but the lack of certainty from central Government, and in turn from Local Authorities, regarding the timing and timescales of new collections is causing the sector some concern that sufficient treatment capacity may not be available for the extra 500k - 1m tonnes that will come onto the marketplace. Not sure if the return of free garden waste collections (if they happen) will generate much more material than currently, but whatever happens, our five composting facilities will be ready.  

What will your role be for the partnership with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, and how are these plans coming along?

Severn Trent is the official Nature & Carbon Neutral Supporter and this will be the first ever carbon neutral Commonwealth Games. We’re fully committed to delivering lasting social and environmental change by creating new green urban spaces, further enhancing biodiversity, promoting plastic-free thinking and ultimately delivering a carbon neutral legacy for generations to come. In addition we’ll hopefully be treating the food waste generated at the Games at our two Birmingham AD facilities. Only 150 days to go till the Games start!!

Will Severn Trent Green Power be entering this year’s awards?
Yes we have a great entry for the Contribution to Tackling Net-Zero Award. Here’s hoping for another win!