Entry Criteria

Entries are no longer being accepted for the 2018 event.

Before starting to complete the online entry form please make sure you have taken some time to read through the entry criteria for each category listed in the categories page of this website.

You will also need to take the following points into consideration when submitting your entry:

  • You may enter more than one category but each individual entry can only be submitted for a maximum of two categories.
  • You must submit a 500 word summary with supporting information about how the entrant(s) have achieved their success for each entry. Please note the word limit for the entry summary is strictly 500 words.
  • Only six pages of supporting material will be accepted – this should be collated into a single six page document. Please note: when submitting your entry, please consider the waste involved! We are all about the waste minimisation.
  • Entries should be mainly based on the period January 2017 to January 2018. However, relevant material can be submitted for work prior to January 2017. Entries will only be accepted from the UK.