Waste Transfer and Skip Hire Business of the Year

This award is aimed at the operator of waste transfer sites who may well also provide skip and container collection services. There is a likely to be a majority of activity centring on providing waste and recycling services for the commercial and industrial sectors. A high recycling rate is likely to be achieved along with the diversion of residual waste from landfill. Other factors that will be of note include health and safety performance, vehicle maintenance and operating standards plus reductions in environmental impacts through the positive way the business is operated. Plus, relationships with the local community and other relevant activities may also be considered by judges.

Local Authority Recycling Champion

The Local Authority Recycling Champion Award will be given to the council officer or councillor from a local authority which has achieved a high level of success in driving up household waste recycling rates.

The winners will be true champions of recycling in their local authority area and will have achieved significant levels of recycling which have become noticeably evident during the awards period.

Judges will also be keen to see the extent of support across the local authority for recycling initiative and that there is evidence that the success is likely to be ongoing.

Civic Amenity Site Of The Year

The Civic Amenity (CA) Site of the Year will have successful and effective day-to-day operations that can be measured and seen.

The entry is open to operators of all types of CA sites which can be described in many ways, including as household waste recycling centres. Entrants will need to show how the sites have been used to increase recycling and composting and provide an enhanced service to users. Other factors could include planning, design, operational and cost aspects of the site.

These sites may be run by a contractor or a local authority and the site will have the principle functions of the traditional civic amenity site. The sites are likely to be well run and have specific features such as high levels of recycling, improved waste management and other actions such as re-use, waste education, green waste composting and high standards of health and safety.


Retail Recycling Champion

The Retail Recycling Champion Award will recognise a successful project or initiative which has delivered greater recycling and/or improved sustainability in waste management within the retail sector. This could have been achieved by a single high street shop, a large retail outlet, a chain of stores, shopping centre or an out-of-town retail site.

Applications are welcome from retailers who have worked together on joint schemes. The award could be for work either on a single waste stream or for a broader approach involving a number of materials, including waste minimisation. It is intended that this award is primarily involved with retailer waste although work with consumers is eligible.

Entrants should demonstrate their achievements with the inclusion of some data and accompanying details of the approach taken, involvement of staff and successful outputs.

Design Of A Waste Management Facility

With a modern approach to waste management essential as the UK looks to meet recycling and landfill diversion targets, the way facilities are designed and operated is more important than ever. Crucial to this are the design and operation of a plant in helping to gain acceptance and blending with the local environment.

Additionally, the efficient and modern use of equipment and the organisation of how the facility operates are appropriate to this category.

Entrants are likely to have used technology, equipment and/or building design to enhance the way waste management work is carried out and to minimise the impact on the environment.

This award recognises the design and operation of the plant either as independent criteria or jointly.


Waste Management Initiative In The Commercial And Public Sector

Recycling in both the commercial and industrial sector and the public sector is seeing added impetus, driven in part by legislation and a growing awareness of the economic gains and environmental benefits that can be made. This category is open to entrants who can show how they have organised high levels of recycling or waste sustainability for their own organisation or business, or are providing a first class recycling or waste diversion or minimisation solution in the service they are themselves carrying out.

Entrants can show how this has helped their company or organisations performance or improved the service they offer in terms of sustainable waste management.

For larger firms, entries can be made for recycling achievements within divisions or specific operating sites. Please note, this category is not open to local authorities.

Circular Economy Success

This award will be presented to the business, local authority or organisation which can show how it has provided for success within the circular economy process in the waste management and recycling sector. This could be for the recycling or recovery of material for further use within a circular approach, the development of systems or for a whole loop or circular product.

Entrants will need to explain the part their products play and the judges will take a flexible and broad approach in assessing this potentially wide-ranging category.

Collection Crew Of The Year

This award will recognise the dedication and high-level of service provided by a collection crew involved in either waste collection, recycling or both.

The judges will be looking for a commitment to providing a high level of service which can be measured in terms of consistency of service, the quality of provision, safety records and additional factors, such as, where service goes beyond the normal level. The entry is likely to include testimonials and collection data.

The Best Community Recycling Initiative

This award will recognise the achievements of a social enterprise/community recycling project to delivering improved recycling and waste management services and can include projects such as re-use, recycling, composting, education, minimisation and associated activities.

The entry can involve a partnership with a local authority or the private sector but the social enterprise/community sector activity must represent at least 50% of the total activity.

The judges will be looking for the commitment shown by the social enterprise or community group and the achievements made. Submissions are likely to include testimonials, data and reports.

Recycling Business Of The Year

This award aims to recognise the work done by a company, small or large operating in the UK which has provided a service in a consistent and thorough way for its customers. The entry should provide evidence of the levels of recycling achieved and indications that customers have been well-cared for in terms of service delivery, reporting and follow-up of any concerns. The company should have potential to be seen as an example of good practice for the sector or sectors in which it operates. Entrants should also be able to demonstrate that they would intend their business to focus on relevant issues to their sector such as quality, volumes and communications.

The Best Local Authority Recycling Initiative

The award is targeted at an initiative in the municipal waste stream and will recognise a project developed and delivered by a local authority which indirectly or directly helps to promote one or more of greater recycling, composting, sustainability and waste prevention.

A broad range of work is eligible for this category, from communication campaigns; work on charging through to collection and infrastructure projects. This can be focused on specific material streams, including green waste, or on a multi-material basis.

The project should have been largely developed by local authority officers and will have made a noticeable and measurable difference to recycling in either the whole local authority area or for a substantial part of it.


Zero Waste Platinum Award

This award will offer further recognition to recipients of a Gold Zero Waste Award. To be shortlisted in this category you must submit an entry into the Zero Waste Awards.

The Zero Waste Platinum Award will offer organisations further opportunities to be acknowledged as leaders in reducing waste to landfill.

To find out further information in regards to the Zero Waste Awards and to submit an entry, please click here.